cold brew coffee


They are situated side by side, always facing the winding road. Pistachio green with hints of tan exposing where the weather has chipped away at the paint. They provide two seats for watching cars pass by, a place for rest after a long run and a haven for conversation no matter the time of day. To anyone else, they may just be two Adirondack chairs in the front yard, but to me, they are the place where I fell in love with coffee and the moments that accompanied sipping a cup of joe.

Although I haven’t lived in my childhood house since I was in high school, those two chairs remain in our front yard, a little more weathered than before but always welcoming me home. This time of year when the sun sets a little faster, the air cools a little quicker and the leaves turn their different shades of red, orange and yellow, my mind returns to that spot. In high school during the summer months and then before the weather would get too chilly in the fall, my mom and I had a ritual of sitting in those two chairs with a steaming cup of coffee in our hands. Neighbors would drive or walk by and wave, my dad would return home from work and join us, and the lights in our house would twinkle as dusk settled in. We would talk about everything and anything, sipping on our coffee between sentences, hours passing before the cups were empty and it was time to go inside. These are the moments I cherish most.

I have lived in Boston for eight years now, away from my small town in upstate New York where those two Adirondack chairs reside, but my love of coffee and what it represents to me has remained constant. A few weeks ago, I received the Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker as a gift and it has been a fixture in our refrigerator ever since. The simple steps of pouring cold water over coffee grinds that sit in a mesh filter and letting it marinate for 24 hours is easy, especially when the final result is coffee that tastes less acidic. Whether Nate and I pour it over ice into our to-go cups before work or we dip straws into it from our favorite mug in the evening while sitting on our roof deck that overlooks the city, cold brew coffee has officially made it into our rotation.

This type of coffee is new to me but sharing it with a side of conversation is ever the same. The scenery is just a bit different these days.

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