homemade pumpkicino

  To me, there is nothing better than hearing the grumble of our Keurig stirring awake in the morning and the smell of coffee as it drips into my mug. Over the years, I have cherished the few moments when I can cradle my cup before rushing off to work, soaking in the calm of the early hours and taking my first, small sips of joe. Although I usually stick to a Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast K-cup with a splash of hazelnut creamer, I like to try and mix up my flavors every once and a while. After perusing the aisles at Whole Foods, I stumbled upon this cute glass container of Silly Cow Farms Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate and I thought that it would be great to make my own Pumpkicino (think: a homemade, fall-themed version of Dunkin Donuts’ Dunkaccino). In honor of the first day of October, I thought it would be fitting to give this coffee and hot chocolate combination a try and I can now say that it is my new favorite morning drink. A full cup of coffee infused with a few scoops of the pumpkin spice hot chocolate and a dash of milk make for a cinnamon delight. I even can’t wait to make the glass container a little vase as soon as it’s empty. My homemade Pumpkicino is something to incorporate into any fall routine and I am excited for you & i to try it. Happy October!

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