gold kitchen canister

Ever since Nate and I got engaged and moved in together last year, I have realized how the little details in our apartment make it feel like home. A picture placed on a windowsill, a chalkboard hanging in the entryway that says “welcome”, a lamp lit in the corner at the end of a long day. Our apartment has become a reflection of our personality as a couple and as we have grown, so has our style. I was cooking in the kitchen a few months ago when I noticed that our countertop could use an ounce of pop and so I decided that I wanted to start vamping up certain spaces with chic and classy items so that our place would have a more elegant yet “lived-in” feel. Loving the idea of having non-traditional objects as accent pieces, I began my search for items with this in mind. First on my list: a new utensil canister to sit next to our stove. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to find something cute with a monogrammed “R” for my soon-to-be new last name or something sleek and modern like this. As luck would have it, I didn’t have to do much looking! I was shopping at Anthropologie for a cute gift to give a newly engaged couple when I stumbled upon this beautiful gold textured planting pot. I immediately knew that it was what I was looking for to add some character to our kitchen. Now, our stirring spoons have a nice new home while giving our kitchen the look and feel we want.

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