lenora dame keychain


I finally realized that it was time to look for a new keychain when I noticed that the one I have used for the last four years needed an upgrade. The maroon and white insignia of my alma mater began to chip around the corners and the silver that once looked pristine was now tarnished from everyday use. After three different apartments and eight different keys, it was time for something new.

Loving the look of gold and pearls together, I knew I wanted something that would have this combination. For something that I carry around with me every day, I wanted this simple accessory to match my style. I searched and searched in different stores and online and I just wasn’t having any luck. Nothing was catching my eye. That was until I came across Lenora Dame. I instantly fell in love with her “Funky Alphabet Cluster Key Chain” because of the way the sheen of the pearl beads highlighted the soft hues of the gold chain and clip. I also loved that I could pick my initial “T” for a little extra personalization. To say that it was exactly what I was looking for is an understatement. While browsing Lenora Dame’s website, I realized that they also have tons of accessories and jewelry for anyone to find their perfect match. Whether you’re a “T” like me or even an “N”, an “M” or “K”, there is something for everyone.

One of the best discoveries while perusing Lenora’s website is that I have been seeing her jewelry and accessories everywhere without even knowing it! She is in stores like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. She has even been been featured in magazines like People, Glamour and O Magazine and worn by celebrities like Katy Perry and Rachel Zoe.

I couldn’t wait to share this find with you because for something so small, I smile every time I unlock my door.

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