happy birthday to you & i!


It all started with a notebook and six simple words emblazoned on the cover. “Do What U Love To Do.” Thinking back to last September when I first started to ponder the idea of writing a blog, it was this notebook that eyed me from my nightstand, quietly whispering in my ear to write and fill its pages with ideas. And trust me, I had plenty of ideas.

At that time, I remember feeling all types of emotions that any recent college graduate would feel and I kept asking myself the one question that we all come to ask ourselves, “sooo, what do I do now?” Yes, start a real-life job, move into a big-girl apartment, start paying bills and stick to a budget (kind-of), but it was the “what more can I do?” question that really made me start thinking. At Boston College, I was an English major with a Creative Writing concentration, always looking for the “more” to enhance my life. I was involved in a variety of activities around campus while bringing a piece of home to my dorm room through a combination of writing, cooking/baking and discovering the city of Boston. All of these excited me as a college student and I hoped to continue this as I started a new chapter in my life.

As the days passed, summer after graduation turned into fall after graduation and my itch to put my thoughts to pen and paper tip-toed up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and said,”do what u love to do.” And so I started the idea of my blog in that very notebook. I began to mull over ideas of exactly what I wanted to write about, what the title should be and what overall feel I wanted to convey to my readers. I toyed with many ideas but kept getting stuck when it came to having an overall theme. Turns out, I was just thinking too hard and wasn’t letting myself see what was right in front of me.

And then, “AHA!” This moment finally came on a trip home to upstate NY in September. Nate, my dad and myself went to a place called the “Clinton Cider Mill” and when we pulled into the parking lot I finally said “I want to write about places like this.” Fresh donuts, crisp fall air, bushels of apples, family, simplicity. It wasn’t only the place, but the feeling that came with it. It inspired me and all of a sudden, everything clicked. I started realizing that I am a small town girl living in a big city world, savoring the simple moments of home, cooking homemade recipes to create “Tessipes” and finding little gems that I want to share with everyone whether it’s a lipgloss from Ireland or my favorite mascara. To quote my very first post, “this isn’t just a blog, it’s an adventure.”

And so, on October 24th you & i began our journey. It has been an amazing year and I have loved every second of writing this blog, hearing your comments and sharing new ideas.

Here are some more highlights of my year:

Becoming an aunt! In July, my sister and brother-in-law welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Jack, into our family and I am a very proud Auntee (I wanted to come up with a cool name so I combined “Aunt” with my first initial “T” hence, Auntee).
Cooking with Nate. One thing I love most about our relationship is our excitement for cooking. Nate is always right next to me coming up with ways to enhance flavors and thinking of combinations to make our “feasts” wicked delicious.
The very first webisode. Back bay breeze! I loved shooting this short webisode. I wanted to add another dimension to you & i and after talking with Nate and my brother Kyle, we started thinking about ideas and then outlined what we wanted to film. We came up with the overall concept with Kyle’s genius filming leading the way. I hope you enjoyed watching it! More to come.
Auditioning for MasterChef Season 4. Yes, I tried out for the show last November. It was such a great experience and I ended up making it all the way to the semi-finals!
Exploring Boston. As a student at BC, I loved whenever I could get into the city. Now living in a cute neighborhood right outside of the city, I have been exploring different restaurants and boutiques to incorporate into this blog.
All of you. Thank you to everyone that reads my blog. Not only do I love writing you & i but I also love seeing all of you who are reading it!

I can’t wait to share another year with you because at the end of every day, it’s all about you & i. Cheers to turning 1!


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