wine glasses to-go


I was on a party barge (pontoon boat) during the 4th of July holiday when a good family friend pulled out a plastic to-go coffee cup. It wasn’t until I saw her pouring wine into it that I noticed there was an actual wine glass inside of the plastic! I immediately asked her where she found it and knew that I needed to get one. Since I spend a lot of time outdoors all summer a non-spill wine glass was just the thing for me. Whether I’m relaxing by the lake at my camp, on the beach at the Cape, or playing yard games with friends, I love carrying around my glass of wine or cold cocktail.

Upon returning to Boston a few days later and on the hunt for these wine glasses, I walked to my favorite neighborhood shop to peruse their books and cute gift ideas. Imagine my surprise and excitement when the first thing I saw entering the store were wine glasses with lids and straws! I grabbed the first one that was decorated in pink, orange and yellow (perfect summer colors) and discovered that this particular wine glass is made of double-wall acrylic with the lid twisting on to secure into place. The matching pink straw adds a fun touch, almost as if it’s a sippy cup. After finding the display with more of these wine glasses from Slant Collections, I scooped up all of the different patterns. Blue, turquoise, pink, yellow, orange, stripes, polka dots, zig-zags, you name it. I bought all of them in anticipation of the next outdoor party with cocktails so that everyone can enjoy their drinks without spilling.

I love that the patterns of these wine glasses shout summertime and make carrying around your drink classy and fun. I also wanted to share with you this amazing sangria that I have been drinking since last year. As a girl that loves sangria because of the wine and fruit flavors fusion I have tried many different brands. Eppa is my absolute favorite sangria from a bottle and it is even made with organic fruits. It is the perfect drink to put in these non-spill wine glasses (the bottle even matches the colors of the glasses)!

Sangria, wine glasses and summertime, all for you & i.

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