places to go: the donut shop

It is in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, nestled behind a grove of trees and marked by an old-fashioned sign in the shape of a donut. Turning into its stone driveway, the smell of freshly fried donuts invites you to place your order at its window. It has been one of my favorite traditions to wake up on a lazy morning and know that my family and I are heading to “The Donut Shop”. A place that has become a landmark for the people of the Old Forge area to come back time and time again because the donuts are simply that fresh and good. The best part of “The Donut Shop” is that it only offers two flavors: plain or cinnamon. The plain donuts are soft and fluffy, almost as if you are biting into air. The cinnamon donuts are textured with sugar, the little crystals dissolving right on your tongue with every bite. Since I was tucked away at my camp for the 4th of July holiday, it was a must to go to “The Donut Shop.” There is something about hopping in the car, venturing the 8 miles out of town on the winding road along the edge of the lake to buy fresh, hot donuts for breakfast. From a distance, I love seeing the over-sized donut standing high and flanking the driveway to let you know you have arrived. My order: half plain, half cinnamon. It is the taste of memories, a bite of the good life and a flavor that everyone should delight in.
Now that I am back in Boston and craving a cinnamon donut as I write this, I just discovered that they have started to ship their donuts (click here to order yours)! No matter where you are, you can order them by the dozen and they will send them to you the same day they are made.
Now, wherever we are, you & i can have a taste of the Adirondacks!
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