mally volumizing mascara


When I first started wearing makeup, I was given a small tube of Lancome as my first mascara. I became invested in making my lashes full and voluminous and started acquiring the necessary makeup essentials in order to do so. I bought my first eyelash curler, eyelash brush and then started exploring a variety of mascaras that had different things to offer. I tried big brushes, small brushes, soft bristles, tough bristles, volumizing, waterproof, brand names and non-brand names, you name it. Over the years, my mascara routine has become the focus of my daily makeup application and l’m never finished until my eyelashes look just right. After years of loving and hating some mascaras that find their way into my cosmetic bag, I have finally found one that I absolutely love and I can’t wait to share it with you! Mally’s Volumizing Mascara has become my new favorite mascara with the combination of its brush and formula to create long-lasting, luxurious lashes. The creator, Mally Roncal, is known as a top-notch makeup artist who has done the makeup of Hollywood A-Listers. She developed this mascara so that every woman can feel glamorous. I received mine in a “library” of 6 from the Mally website but you can also order single tubes as well. This mascara gives your lashes the boost they need and the pop your eyes crave.

With Mally Volumizing Mascara, you & i can both have gorgeous eyelashes!

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