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In search of a gift idea a few weeks ago, two close friends told me about a store that carried “JoJo earrings”. Not knowing what they were referring to, I quickly looked them up and discovered that “JoJo Loves You” (website here) is a cute jewelry collection that not only sells fun and fabulous earrings but also bracelets and necklaces in different shapes, sizes and colors. Reading a little bit more about JoJo’s story, I found that she became a jewelry designer after college, carrying around a pink patent leather suitcase filled with her designs. She believed that each piece she created was unique and started selling them to little boutiques in Boston. Intrigued, I strolled around my cute Boston neighborhood to the store “Mint Julep” in hopes of finding a pair to buy. As soon as I walked in, a large display of JoJo earrings packaged in tiny round tin containers dazzled in the sun. Here’s the cutest thing, they were all attached to little pink hearts! Since I love gold and am starting to wear it more, I picked out a pair with a rose gold stone surrounded by similar smaller stones. Trying them on, the “mini blings” were the perfect size. I can’t wait to wear them to dress up an every day outfit, for date nights over a glass of wine and just to decorate my ears with a little extra sparkle. For those of you not familiar with JoJo’s, I am excited to share this find with you. Here are a few things you should know:

1) “Blings”: JoJo refers to the earrings as “blings” and she has tons of varieties such as big blings, mini party blings, vintage blings, navette blings, oval blings, fleur blings and much more.
2) Colors: They come in gold, turquoise, pink, purple, yellow, clear, etc. to match any outfit or occasion.
3) Motto: “She makes everything for you. Because she likes you. And believes you can be extraordinary.” LOVE that.
4) Shops: They are carried in over 100 boutique shops all over the world. Find one close to you!
5) Online: If there isn’t a shop close to you, you can order them online and have them shipped to you.

JoJo Loves You and I know that you & i will love her too!

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