leading lady


My favorite color has and always will be pink so it is no surprise that my go-to nail polish for the past few years has been “Italian Love Affair” (light pink) by OPI. However, I have recently started to discover the wonderful world of plums and reds, the sparkly and shimmery so that my nails have a little pizazz. Whenever I’m looking for a new color to polish my nails, I make sure that it has a little extra something whether it is an underlying tone, specks of glitter or the color itself is a knock-out. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Leading Lady” by Essie is the perfect nail polish for that special date, cocktails with your girlfriends or just simply celebrating this day of Cupid’s love. This polish from Essie’s Winter Collection is a supreme dark red with rich sparkles to make a bold statement. You can buy it at any store such as Ulta, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc. or online at a CVS store such as this one. It’s just the right color to glam up your nails on February 14th so that you can be a leading lady.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you & i!

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