maybelline baby lips


I love how a simple tube of lipstick can transform my look whether I’m going for au natural, dramatic or anything in between. For me, I never feel complete without gloss gracing my lips. Whether I am getting ready for work, glamming it up in a dress and heels for a date with my boyfriend, sipping cocktails with my girlfriends, strolling Newbury Street (Boston) or just relaxing in my apartment, I am always sure to have my lipstick match my style. As a lover of the pinks, purples, shiny and sparkly, I am always the girl to have at least five lip glosses tucked away in my purse but am always searching for the next big thing to add to my collection. This winter, the dry winter air was making my lips scream for moisture so I started browsing for a solution. I stumbled upon these Maybelline Baby Lips and now I am excited to share them all with you! These colorful tubes of orange, purple, and pink turned out to be exactly what I was searching for. I first purchased the “Cherry Me” because it’s dark pink color would make my lips pop. Although I am sometimes hesitant that color doesn’t show well with certain chapsticks, this certainly isn’t the case for the Baby Lips collection. What a lovely surprise! The color on my lips matched exactly the color of the stick in the tube! Soon after wearing it everyday, I bought the “Peach Kiss” for my au natural days. My mom has also started wearing the “Peppermint” color (it’s the first thing she puts on in the morning). The moisturizer, Vitamin E and Aloe Leaf Extract make these colorful tubes perfect for any time of year but especially in the winter when you need it most. Whether you’re 15 or 55, Baby Lips is going to make your lips feel refreshed, renewed and beautiful. The next time you’re sipping on a cosmo in the city, shopping for a new outfit, or just cozying up on the couch, make sure to have this chapstick within reach. You can buy it at any drugstore such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or Rite-Aid in the cosmetic section for only $3.00! They come in 6 varieties and I can’t wait to try them all.

It’s a Tessa find for you & i!

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One Response to maybelline baby lips

  1. Sissilu says:

    I just bought the Twinkle one! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

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