snowglobe christmas

Happy New Year everyone!!!! With the beginning of 2013, I am so very excited about my blog and all of the new tessipe’s and gems I have to share with you. I have created a Twitter account (@tessatrainor) so you can now follow me and get all the latest updates right away. If you haven’t done so yet, you can also sign up to follow this blog by entering your name and email address.

So now the fun stuff! A new year brings with it so much to look forward to… new possibilities, new memories, new experiences, and new dreams just waiting to be fulfilled. 2013 started just the way I wanted it to with family and friends. I was home in upstate NY for over a week (the most time I’ve been home since I graduated) to celebrate the holidays and then traveled back to Boston. The last few weeks were extremely chilly but the frosty air has invigorated me. I soaked up every moment with my family and friends and for my first post of the new year, I wanted to give you glimpses of these moments so that you & i can begin 2013 enjoying a winter wonderland!

(Our Christmas tree decorated by the family. I love going through all of the ornaments we have acquired over the years with each having its own story.)

(The view from our camp in the Adirondacks of the frozen lake.)

(The icicles on the side of our camp. They grew even bigger after a few days!)

(Skiing in the Adirondacks. The view was beautiful and everything was covered in white!)

I hope you like these photos and that you had a wonderful holiday season! Cheers to 2013 and many more posts for you & i to come!

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