12 beers of winter



On the second day of Christmas, you & i gave to me…. the 12 Beers of Winter from Saranac Brewery! As you may recall, the Saranac Brewery is one of the many treasures in my hometown and with the spirits flowing during this holiday season, this winter variety pack is the perfect way to kick off the countdown until Christmas. This year, it is featuring four brand new beers including Saranac Belgian Pale Ale, Saranac 4059′ Porter, Saranac Red IPA, Saranac Black Bear Bock and 2 original beers including Saranac Big Moose Ale and Saranac Chocolate Lager. But there is more…this year they are also surprising buyers with the “Saranac Golden Ticket.” There are a limited number of Saranac Big Moose Ale’s wrapped in golden tickets and a red bow. If you are one of the lucky winners, you get the Ultimate Brewery Tour and a VIP trip to the Brewery for yourself and a guest. This amazing variety pack is only available through January so start stocking up! To buy your own (or a few) and to read more about the golden ticket contest (there are more details on what you receive if you win), visit www.saranac.com.

Happy toasting and cheering to you & i!

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