hot spiced cider

With the crisp fall air setting the mood for cozy days inside and tailgating for your favorite football team, it’s time to warm up with some Hot Spiced Cider! This past weekend, my sister made this incredibly delicious drink for her tailgate at Boston College and everyone was asking for the recipe. Served out of a hot cauldron, this hot spiced cider warmed everyone up during the cold night as we gathered for the three F’s: food, family and football. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, a football tailgate or just want to make some cider with a twist, this favorite is perfect for any occasion (especially this time of year)! Here’s how to make it:

Apple Cider Recipe

2 gallons of apple cider
1 pint of whiskey (any kind you would like)
Pint of apple brandy (preferably Laird’s AppleJack)
Apple Pie Spice
Cloves (whole)
Mulling spices (they come in tea bags)

*Warm up and ladle into mugs*

Let’s pour ourselves a cup and cheers to you & i!

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