apple caramel dip

With the crisp fall air, apples in their full color and flavor, it’s time to take out my next Tessipe! This Apple Caramel Dip is perfect for any football tailgate, party, snack, dessert, and in this case, Halloween party! It’s a versatile dip ready to take on any occasion no matter the time of year. The best part is it’s easy to make (yes, I’m talking to all the college kids out there!) yet simply scrumptious. The three layers combine to make an apple slice crunch and melt in your mouth and all you need is a cute platter, 4 ingredients and an appetite! I made this dip for every BC tailgate and everyone asked me for the recipe. So I’m sharing…it’s for you & i!


8 oz. Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese (can also use 1/3 Reduced Fat)

Marzetti Old Fashioned Caramel Dip

Heath English Toffee Bits

McIntosh, Granny Smith, Red Delicious Apples (or any kind that you prefer)

Platter (preferably 10 inches)


1) On the platter, spread the entire bar of Philadelphia Cream Cheese in a circle around the bottom for the first layer.

2) On top of the cream cheese, spread the entire container of Marzetti Caramel as a second layer (it will cover the cream cheese).

3) The third and final layer. Sprinkle the Heath Bar bits on top to cover the entire caramel layer.

4) Cut up apple slices to circle around the dip on the outer edges of the platter (easy for dipping).  To ensure the apples stay fresh, cut up the apples right before serving.

Get ready to dip your apple slice and let’s enjoy this Tessipe together, you & i!

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5 Responses to apple caramel dip

  1. tracieswartzbaugh says:

    You’re blog is making me fat!!! This is so delicious ❤

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