halloween halfmoons


In honor of National Chocolate day (one of the best holidays in my opinion!) and Halloween, I am bringing you the ultimate chocolate dessert! Some of you may call them moon pies, some of you may call them black and white cookies but their real name is (drum roll please)… halfmoons! In the 1920’s, Harry Hemstrought, a former architect, opened a small bakery in Utica, NY. (Another original from a city of original food and beverages). He crafted his own recipe for the cookie and then perfected the look and taste. This chocolatey pastry is a perfect circle of soft and chewy chocolate with a double thick icing, half fudge, half vanilla. Ever since then, halfmoons have become one of the most popular desserts in my hometown and have spread across the country. The halfmoons shown above are from the Gingerbread Bake Shop (they usually have white frosting, the orange is for Halloween). Whenever you take a ride to Upstate NY, it’s a must to stop especially to pick up a halfmoon. Pour a big glass of milk and let’s celebrate National Chocolate Day and Halloween, you & i!

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