vaseline rosy lips


When I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, I traveled to Galway, Ireland on my spring break. I happened to venture into a “Boots” convenience store and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this little treasure. I picked it right up and knew I had to buy it. After twisting off the lid, I discovered that it has the perfect amount of light pink tint, moisturizer to make your lips soft and gloss to make them shiny. It’s a 3 in 1! Its small packaging also makes it the perfect size for any purse or pocket. Vaseline Rosy Lips is without a doubt one of my favorite finds and I’m excited to share it with you since I am and always have been obsessed with anything lipgloss, lipstick and chapstick. You name it… I’ve tried it. There’s just something about having that little tube of gloss that will highlight your lips perfectly and gives you that sense of looking great. I have searched far and wide, have had some good ones, bad ones and absolutely amazing ones but I can honestly say that I love this little pink tin most of all. As the Maid of Honor for my sister’s wedding last year, I put one of these in each of the bridesmaid’s gift bags for the weekend. It’s great to carry around everywhere you go (I always make sure to have it with me) and a great gift idea for a birthday, stocking stuffer or party favor. The next time you’re in the UK or Ireland, make sure to stop into any “Boots” ( store to pick it up. In the States, you can order it from Amazon ( so it will be shipped right to your door! Great for girls always on the hunt for the right lipgloss, great for guys as a cute girlfriend gift. This little pink tin is the new little tube of gloss.

It’s another Tessa find for you & i!

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