designing on the dock

Ever feel like letting your hair down by actually putting it up? 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday and this year I officially dubbed it the “letting my hair down” week as my boyfriend and I traveled to my family “camp” in the Adirondacks. I had just graduated from college, started working during my favorite season of the year and needed a few days to unwind. My routine of blow drying and brushing my hair every morning at 7am was getting a little tiring so by the time July rolled around, I couldn’t wait to just let it flow in the lake’s breeze.  No cares in the world as long as I had my family, my boyfriend, and the lake steps away from our dock. The week before leaving, I decided to pick out some colorful fabrics in order to learn how to sew my own purse with my mom’s skill showing me the way. But I couldn’t stop there. My thought process… What’s a creative girl to do on her week off? Create my own style of course! With the leftover fabric, I started cutting and measuring my own patterns to fashion into headbands. It was a stylish solution for the next few days of waterskiing, lounging, going out at night and helping in the kitchen. With the sunset serving as my inspiration, I turned the simple idea of a headband into so much more. It began as a way to keep my hair out of my face. But by the end, I was letting my hair down while actually putting it up. It’s a Tessa style for you & i!

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