champagne in a can

Mmmmm. I love the taste of bubbles tickling my mouth as champagne swirls around. Even before it slides down making sure to touch every taste bud, I’m already wishing for more. If you’re anything like me, the bubbly isn’t just a New Year’s Eve drink. It’s an every party, every celebration, everyday drink. For champagne lovers or anybody looking for an incredible gift idea, you will absolutely LOVE this great find. Sofia Coppola Blanc de Blancs Champagne is cute, delicious and champagne in a can! A few years ago, my mom came home with this shiny red box for our New Year’s Eve party and when I opened it I was surprised at what I found. Four little cans filled with the bubbly and a red straw to match! Not only is the design of the box stylish, drinking champagne out of a can is convenient (for those drink spillers out there) and easy to hold.  When I brought it to the party, everybody was asking me what I was drinking. Before I knew it, everyone wanted a sip or their own can to join in on the fun. Good thing I brought 3 more boxes with me! Now I stock up so that I can enjoy it myself, at parties and now for you & i.

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