whirley pop

I LOVE popcorn and I LOVE making things from scratch so my “Whirley Pop” machine is something I can’t live without. At my house, at college, at my new apartment, you name it. It comes with me everywhere I go. There’s something about taking the few extra moments to make homemade popcorn so that you can add your own touch that makes the buttery kernels so much more tantalizing. It melts in your mouth from the first bite until the bottom of the bowl. My Whirley Pop machine has endured many batches of popcorn and with every overflowing batch, it continues to hold a special place in my heart. Not only does it make a delicious treat, it holds memories of some incredible times with the people I love. I made it for the endless episodes of One Tree Hill that I would watch with my parents, the “popcorn Friday’s” that served as the perfect food for any pre-game in college with my girlfriends (and late night snack), the first few times my boyfriend and I started hanging out watching movies together, and the shows I now watch with my roommates after a long day of work. It’s a little piece of home mixed with fun and an explosion for your taste buds. All you need is Orville Redenbacher’s Original Kernels, a stick of butter, some canola oil and salt. In 10 minutes, the best popcorn you’ll ever munch on is ready. You can buy a Whirley Pop machine at Macy’s or online. Not only is it delicious but it’s fun, too! Below is my very own tessipe.

The Best Popcorn Tessipe:

Pour a thin layer of canola oil on to the bottom of the Whirley Pop.

Pour 1/4 cup of Orville Redenbacher’s Original Kernels on top of the canola oil. *More kernels=more popcorn*

Put the Whirley Pop on the stove burner and raise the heat to medium-low.

Mix the kernels with the canola oil by turning the Whirley Pop handle several times.

Once you hear the kernels start to pop, continue to turn the handle until the kernels are all popping.

When you hear the kernel popping slowing down, take the Whirley Pop off the stove burner and set to the side.

Measure how much butter you want for the popcorn, put it in a cup, heat in the microwave until completely melted.

Pour half of the popcorn into a bowl. Drizzle half of the butter on top of that popcorn with salt to taste. Mix well.

Pour the rest of the popcorn into the bowl. Drizzle the rest of the butter on top of the popcorn with salt to taste. Mix well.

This is one of my favorite yet simple tessipes. Now you can start popping your way into your own memories shared over a bowl of homemade popcorn.

Happy munching and crunching!

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