new season and new beginnings

I always know the moment when the summer breeze whispers away and the wind blows in the fall. It’s not the moment when you realize it’s September 21st. No, it’s the first morning I wake up, walk out my door and breathe in the crisp air. It taps me on the shoulder ever so gently as if to say “I’m here.” This moment happened to me a few weeks ago and as much as I wanted to hold on to the summer heat, I knew I couldn’t wait for what was to come. The chill in the air, the vibrant leaves draping the trees, the pumpkins putting on silly faces, the cider that tastes so sweet, the extra layer of clothes to be extra cozy, the football games to tailgate, cheer and watch, the trip to the cider mill and the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee. With this new season comes new beginnings. I’m 22, just graduated from BC (go Eagles!), and just started my first real world job. As a present for my 22nd birthday, my mom gave me a notebook that says “Do What U Love To Do.”

So today, I wrote down the list of everything that I love to do and what makes me happy:

  • Being creative
  • Thinking up tessipes (you’ll find out about these soon!)
  • Baking decadent treats
  • Discovering stylish jewelry
  • Designing my own purses and headbands
  • Being with family
  • Being a girlfriend
  • Being a friend
  • Celebrating and planning parties
  • Going to my camp and to Cape Cod
  • Taking polaroid pictures
  • Enjoying the simple moments
  • Love
  • Being home sweet home
  • Working out

They may be simple but that’s the point. As a small town girl living in a big city world, I grew up savoring the simple moments. So here’s my idea: this isn’t just a blog, it’s an adventure. I would love for you & i to step back, slow down and enjoy the ride. Follow me, the places I go, the tessipes I create and the little gems I discover. I want to share them all with you because at the end of everyday, it’s all about you & i. It’s that simple.

Follow me. It’s a new adventure for you & i.

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